Help wanted: Radio writer/producer (full time)

Wednesday, March 6, 2019
As I sometimes do in this space, I’m sharing word of a job opening with a trusted organization. This time, it’s for my friends at MediaTracks Communications, now in the hunt for only their third producer for the show Viewpoints in 19 years. Here’s the listing:

Writer/producer with overall responsibility for syndicated long-form radio public affairs program airing on hundreds of stations nationally. Duties include maintaining contact with publicists, conceiving story ideas, booking appropriate interview guests, doing research for interviews, carrying out these interviews (largely via telephone), and writing two stories weekly of approximately 11 minutes length in audio magazine form using these interviews. Producer is also responsible for management of program content so it satisfies FCC compliancy needs of affiliate stations. Producer will assist in writing other radio scripts for corporate clients as needed and help contribute to corporate social media presence.

Interested? Drop a note to the esteemed Reed Pence—and tell ’im Charlie sent ya.

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