How to get your story on the air in Chicago

Monday, June 24, 2019
Do you have a story, an issue, a company or a person you’d like to bring to the attention of Chicago radio and TV newsrooms? Stand by for news you can use.

Ava Martin, Stephanie Tichenor,
Justin Kaufmann, Stacey Baca,
Charlie Meyerson
(Photo: Maggie O'Keefe.)
The Publicity Club of Chicago, once again taking advantage of my offer to moderate for food, invited me to preside over a panel of Chicago broadcasters gathered to explain just how to get on their radar—and why you’d care about aging media like AM, FM and broadcast TV.

Here’s how it sounded* May 8, 2019, at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Skokie, as I grilled ABC7 anchor and reporter Stacey Baca, WGN Radio Extension 720 host Justin Kaufmann, WLS Radio program director Stephanie Tichenor and WTTW Chicago Tonight assignment manager Ava Martin—exploring “Radio & TV Best Practices: Getting on Air in Chicago.”

Newspaper editorial boards: Cracking the code.
Publicists: Don’t do this.
PR’s ‘Dark Side’ not always a myth.

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* Technical note: In an experiment, this panel was recorded using just two iPhones—an iPhone 4s and an iPhone SE—simply set on the table we shared. What do you think of the audio quality? Email

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